About Me


Nicolle Milesh Resume

Name: Nicolle Milesh

Date of Birth: 07/30/1987

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Degree: BFA in Filmmaking  and a minor in General Business from Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA)

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop CS 3, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Aftereffects

Professional Experience

July ’11- Present: Virginia Union University Administrative Assistant
+Organize the office calendar
+Book travel arrangements for company trips
+Design flyers and brochures
+Assist several directors on upcoming projects (mailings, events, etc.)

August ’12- Wedding Photographer- Scott Anderson

May ’12- Wedding Photographer- Justin and Jeanette Hickl

January ’11- June’11: Office Team Temp
+Receptionist for Virginia Union University
+Handle incoming calls and visitors in a professional manner
+Update database information in Excel
+Assist with various projects around the office

January ’11- Present: GameStop Sales Associate

July ’09 – January ’11: Forever 21 Sales Associate
+Responsible for maintaining the Forever 21 image while providing excellent customer service and being a part of the Forever 21 team.
+As a cashier, counting the till for opening. For closing, counting and setting aside the cash deposit.

May’10: Consultant and Graphic Designer for Harry Laibstain Rare Coins
+Taught and demonstrated Photoshop CS3 with the head of Marketing.
+Designed several online and magazine ads using Photoshop CS3

October ’06 -May ’07: Nordstrom Sales Associate
+Awarded Nordstrom Customer Service All Star Award for December ’07.

July ’04 – October ’06: JC Penney Sales Associate

August ’ 07- May ’10: Crew Member on Several Short Films
+Worked with other crew members as a team on several student films as well as a VCU Graduate thesis film.
+Been producer for several short films. My responsibilities included:
+Formulated the shooting schedule in coordination with the actors and crew‘s schedules
+Worked with directors to break down their scripts to form supply lists for the film shoots and gathering the supplies.
+Talked with location owners and booked locations for shooting
+Organized the film shoots and be responsible for managing the time on set


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